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Seven Years with Banksy by Robert Clarke

Seven Years With Banksy is an illuminating memoir of the world’s most celebrated and mysterious graffiti artist, offering a unique insight into his life and work through the experiences that he and author Robert Clarke shared together during Banksy’s formative years.

Clarke takes us through his first encounters with Banksy – two Bristolian Englishmen hanging out in 1990s New York – and later times spent with him in London (and London Zoo!), Bristol and Glastonbury. Along the way, the readers discover more about the elusive man, the influences that shaped his art, what makes him tick and why he rejects fame in favour of anonymity.

"He doesn’t just think for himself, he puts it out there for all to see, to reject, to agree with, be provoked by, enlightened by – all of that stuff."

Seven Years With Banksy includes 32 pages of glossy images showcasing Banksy’s work – including exclusive and unpublished material from the author’s personal archive.

The book is a must for anyone interested in the mystery man behind the stencils.