LDN Graffiti.

Found, Scavenged and Upcycled

By Tristan Manco
Publication date: April 2012 / ISBN 978 0 500 289914
Price: 24.95

Tristan Manco's new book from Thames & Hudson showcases the work of 38 truly innovative and inspirational artists who use low-cost, low-tech media and often totally original techniques to produce work that defies categorization and pushes the boundaries of art itself.

The ingeniously crafted and thought-provoking results range across a broad spectrum, from intimate paper collages to large public sculptures constructed from discarded wood. Anyone fascinated by the extraordinary creativity currently emerging at the raw edge of contemporary art will find this book compelling reading.

  • Features the work of 38 of some the most resourceful and creative artists in the world, revealing an incredible diversity of working methods and approaches to the materials of art.
  • The majority of artists use low-cost, low-tech materials that would otherwise be wasted, from unglamorous items of domestic waste, found wood and dust to recycled toys, books and skateboards.
  • Includes acclaimed artists such as Yuken Teruya (Japan), Baptiste Debombourg (France), Zadok Ben-David (UK) and Faile (USA) as well as up-and-coming names.
  • Many of the artists are drawn to raw, untreated and sustainable materials, reflecting 21st-century concerns about the environment, limited resources and our sense of detachment from the physical world in the digital age.

Tristan Manco is a leading commentator on street art and author of multiple bestselling books on the subject, including Street Sketchbook Journeys, Street Sketchbook, Stencil Graffiti and Street Logos.

LDNGraffiti: The new book from Tristan Manco certainly pushes some boundaries. It's relevant and has lots of connections with our social environment, as most forms of street art does. Much of the featured work is inventive and inspiring. It's definitely a great quality book, very nicely produced and feels like it's worth a lot more than the cover price of £24.95.