The 'Homework' Competition

7 year old Dylan's Year 3 Homework.A good friend of LDNGraffiti has sent in this picture of his son's home work. 7 year old Dylan has been set the task of "designing his own train carriage, with a 'Street Art' theme (graffiti to you an me!)"...

This inspired LDNGraffiti to create the 'Homework' project, inviting EVERYONE to take part.

All you have to do is:
Download the PDF based on the original homework (link on the right), print it out and produce your own 'colourful design'. Entries created on a computer are fine too!

Then email your design/s back to LDNGraffiti by the 30/06/2012.

All entries will be featured in the final photo-gallery on LDNGraffiti and on the Dudebox network.Dudebox prize.

One entry will be selected in a draw and win a great prize from Dudebox featuring a large 'do-it-yourself' dude and a bag of Dudebox goodies. LDNGraffiti will also contribute something (?) from the LDN archive.

Ten entries will be selected by LDNGraffiti, Dudebox, and a mystery teacher for 'Final marking' and hopefully Dylan and his classmates will be able to enjoy them at their school in London.

Final deadline for entries is 30/06/2012, so what are you waiting for? Download the PDF and get cracking!

LDNGraffiti and Dudebox.

Sorry the prize is only available to UK residents, but anyone, anywhere is very welcome to submit their own home work to LDNGraffiti. Please, no offensive entries. It's for the kids ;)

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The results!

The entries are in, winners selected and the prize draw has taken place...