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Vienna, Now or Never

Vienna, Now or Never.

Nine famous Street Artists were involved in a live art show in central London to pay tribute to the legendary Austrian artist Gustav Klimt as part of the Vienna Tourist Board's campaign to celebrate the 150th birthday of the famous Viennese artist. The artworks are now on show at the Lazarides Gallery in London.

Marlene Hausegger.Outside - 21/08/2012

Internationally-renowned street artists produced Gustav Klimt-inspired artworks in London's Grosvenor Gardens, on 21/08/12 featuring Bastardilla, Vhils, Shepard Fairey, Christian Eisenberger, Mode2, Marlene Hausegger, Ron English, Lucy McLauchlan and Know Hope.

Mode2.Inside - 23/08/2012

The works are now being displayed in Lazarides Gallery, Rathbone Place in Soho, West London. 'Klimt Illustrated', the exhibition at the Lazarides Gallery is open to the public from 24/08/12 to 01/09/12, Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 7pm.


More information on the Exhibition and the Vienna Tourist Board: