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The Big Issue Magazine and Stik

Street artist Stik, renowned for his iconic graffiti portraits of stick people, has created an exclusive series of four prints available only with the Big Issue magazine (on sale March 11th 2013).

The prints, which will not be available through any other channels, are part of a collaboration designed to turn Big Issue vendors into art dealers for a week; interaction with a vendor is the only way to own one of the 75,000 of the highly collectable prints Inserted into the magazines at random, there are four prints available: 30,000 blue, 30,000 red, 10,000 yellow and 5,000 orange, some of which will be signed by the artist.

The first person to collect all four prints will also have the chance to claim a non-folded red print signed by Stik. The collaboration has been funded by Stik, who was himself homeless in 2011.


"Being homeless is one of the most debilitating things that can happen to an individual. All the support systems rely on you having a home. My stick figures don't have mouths, they are silent, but people see them. Most homeless people are invisible as well as silent. The Big Issue gives them a voice and I hope this collaboration reminds people that the people selling The Big Issue are trying really hard to help themselves, and to get out there and speak to them."

The Big Stik Issue will be on sale for one week from 11/03/2013.
Stik will be signing the prints somewhere? in Birmingham on 14/03/2013...

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