Banksy in North London - 29/09/2013

Three known Banksy locations in North London, each seem to have had recent additions. Here's a short history of each piece to date.

1) 'Child Labour' - Turnpike Lane, North London

14/05/2012 - 'Child Labour', by Banksy. Turnpike Lane.
14/05/2012 - Detail, 'Child Labour', by Banksy. Turnpike Lane. 21/05/2012 - 'Child Labour', by Banksy (Perspex-ed). Turnpike Lane. 24/02/2013 - Banksy's original piece removed, unknown street artists make their point/s... 24/02/2013 -  - A Banksy claims the rat is a fake.
08/06/2013 - The buff ensues. 28/09/2013 - 'Cut it out' 28/09/2013 - Cut this out 28/09/2013 - Is this a real Banksy?

2) 'No Ball Games' - Tottenham, North London

28/11/2009 - 'No Ball Games', by Banksy. Tottenham.
24/10/2010 - Banksy Has No Balls', adaptation by King Robbo. 28/09/2013 - Banksy's balls are to be sold at auction. 28/09/2013 - Banksy woz ere 2013

3) 'I Hate This Font' - Tottenham, North London

21/05/2012 - 'I Hate This Font' by Banksy. Tottenham.
21/10/2012 - Buffed! Tottenham. 28/09/2013 - GM?

All photo's ©LDNGraffiti 2013.

So who know's who the latest pieces are by? The scissors possibly by Banksy, the rest, very doubtful! What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment...

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