LDN Graffiti.

UPDATE: The LDN 'Where is Banksy?' Competition is now closed and the winners will be announced soon!

The following five pieces are possibly by the elusive street artist Banksy, maybe... Aside from all that, they are NOW in close proximity of each other (all of them within a 30 minute walk) in central London!

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Email me your answers with details of the five locations, however you like, LDN street names (within five metres) will count, but will not be conclusive, ALL answers will be accepted. You could WIN a very exclusive LDNGraffiti goody bag!

Competition closes mid-day 31/12/2015! The winner (and two runners up!) will be announced, and answers revealed, 01/01/2016 AM (ish).

*Small print: I will consider each entry on its own merit, if it's way-off but cracks me up then it might well win, if they are all very precise I will get a tombola, if I only get one entry then that will win for sure. I will consider them all. You will only be notified if you win, no spam! I do not expect you to know all the correct answers as one is very hard to find... Be creative!

Good luck! LDNGraffiti looks forward to your entries! :{J

PS. If you really have no idea where these pieces are the BANKSY LONDON TOUR will help a little, but not for all!

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