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30 Years at Trellick Tower - 01/10/2016

Chrome & Black organised a 30 year anniversary celebration jam of graffiti art at Trellick Tower in west London on 24/09 with support from Trackside Burners, Itch FM, Ironlak Paint, featuring Bergs, Baps, Pow, Scam, Sine, Ment, Amb, Trev CBM, Debug, Crept, Swag, Ream, Dyet, Mear, Satina, Vade, Kaes, Funk, Morn, She Zemp, Fres, Flesh, Spook, Swich, Bted, Unity, Kech, Jet, Sroc, Bez, Swap, The One, Tulip, Emz and more

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