LDN Graffiti.

Shoreditch Hoardings - 10/01/2017

Boards and hoardings featuring Bonzai, Saturno, Made 51, Twesh, Gent 43, Pref, Vibes, Lovepusher, InkFetish, Poer, Jasik, Four, Freedom Kult, Neoh, Phen, Doodle Man, Hunto, Amara Por Dios, Tipse, Chik, Zom, Artista, Angus, Karma, Kaes, Vents, Deus, Bacon, Jeba, Trafik, Zadok, Kiela, Reb, Carleen De Soza, Sr. X, 2Rise, Cazer One, Aseb, Neist EC, Sleaf, Oust and more.

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