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ARTA, the GRAFFITI App - Summer Launch

The ARTA summer events will be the meeting of two worlds, digital meets tangible - both in music and graffiti!

"Most of our generation grew up on graffiti, seeing 'Subway Art' / 'Spraycan Art' became a way of life and changed our whole lives. ARTA has become a scrapbook for me, a digital platform that still pays respect to the nostalgic era of graffiti that I love so much" - Goldie

ARTA is a fully interactive, immersive platform for writers by writers. Show your talents on subway trains in a competitive or non-competitive way. Trains travel around the cities in the app (NY, Tokyo, Detroit) and can be interacted with by other ARTA users, including your cru members and rival cru.

Build up a collection of cans, colours, fills, fonts, and base layers for your lay up. Keep your best work in your piece book and get it printed onto ARTA t-shirts. In the archives, check out hero cars, video interviews and Goldie's Old Skool Archives.

"ARTA was simply born out of an idea Henry Chalfant and myself had wanted to do for years. As soon as the technology became available to build an app of this nature I jumped at the chance to do so, alongside Henry."

"I have been blessed to paint with some incredible people in my lifetime and over the last 3 years my focus has been to finely tuning and tweaking the capabilities of this app to make it the best out there for everyone to enjoy!" - Goldie

ARTA offers drawing capabilities with tools like fills, layers, effects and exclusive fonts designed by writers, also your own individual piece book, ARTA boombox radio station and a social media platform allowing ARTA users to communicate with other writers and friends across the world in both a competitive and non-competitive way.

Help fund ARTA, the graffiti app for artists by artists. Get early-adopter app content and exclusive rewards from Goldie, TATS Cru and Henry Chalfant.

Join ARTA for the 2016 Summer Launch!

As part of the app launch event ARTA will be flying the legendary TATS Cru from NYC and featuring some of the biggest writer names and music artists that have contributed to the culture over the decades from then to now. People like Breakbeat Lu and DJ MK to name a few.

ARTA wants you to be part of this grand vision for this cutting edge platform. During the launch of ARTA in summer 2016, ARTA will host a 360 immersive event, bringing together the digital and tangible world of graffiti, allowing users to interact with other writers, Cru's and followers, reliving a virtual game-ified world of graffiti.

"For me, music and art have always inspired me and at this event we will be mixing these two elements and inspiring each other. The London event will merge the digital world with its analogue roots. Be part of the movement!" - Goldie

SUPPORT ARTA from @MRGOLDIE #HenryChalfant @TATSCru and more - CREATE a new forum for GRAFFITI ART now!

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