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'Top 40 Covers' by DSCREET

DATE: 18/10/18 to 01/11/18
LOCATION: BSMT Space, 5D Stoke Newington Road, London N16 8BH


Artist Dscreet will present his latest solo show 'Dscreet's Top 40 Covers' at London BSMT Gallery. Opening October 18 and running up until November 1, 2018 be witness to this once-only, personal selection of Dscreet's all-time top 40 hottest hit singles in one show!

An exhibition that will encompass a collection of paintings and musical instruments that represent the poetry, drama and wisdom contained within these seminal songs.

Be sure to save the date and here's the first sneak preview of Dscreet's karaoke films as performed by Mexico's world-famous panpipe buskers; a powerful rendition of Simon and Garfunkel's seminal masterpiece "The Sound Of Silence".

Dscreet has been floating around the world for over 25 years painting his favourite song lyrics from these chart-topping hit singles alongside his unmistakable owl. These lyrics are created by the songsmith bards of our time: Jimi Hendrix was as enigmatic as Lord Byron, Slayer provocative as Socrates, Wutang evoke worlds rich as Shakespeare. This lyricism is vital as a container of our times and Dscreet has been inspired to create visions to amplify the sound.

The exhibition will include installations that will see the gallery transformed into Dscreet's imagined dream gig with the opening night featuring secret guest dj's, live music performances, karaoke (so you can literally sing along with the paintings), music videos and even a gig merch stand so you can pick up your tour t-shirt! Beer provided by BSMT friends at Fourpure.

Private View: 18th October 6-10pm, RSVP to info@bsmt.co.uk

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