LDN Graffiti.

Events updated - 09/11/2017

Listings of graffiti and street art related events, exhibitions and more in London...

Rocket01.Terrarium by Rocket01

09/11/17 to 26/11/17 - Take a journey into the deep and alternate reality of Rocket01 at BSMT Space in Dalston.

Darren CullenDarren Cullen - Solo Exhibition

Opens 09/11/17 - Solo exhibition of work by Darren Cullen (Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives).


10/11/17 - Dscreet invites all of you lot over for a cocktail party raveup at Twumps bar to celebrate the Twump Tower takeover.

David WalkerHalf A World Passed Me By - David Walker

PV: 16/11/17 - Show runs 17/11/17 to 09/12/17 - Berlin-based street artist David Walker will unveil a brand new body of work at Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London.

Vandal With Care.Vandal With Care - Charlie McFarley & TACOT

17/11/17 to 26/11/17 - The Underdog is excited to announce and present the first EXCLUSIVE art show by VANDAL WITH CARE featuring urban artists Charlie McFarley & TACOT.

Lifescapes.DD Regalo x Matt Shapira - Lifescape and Roaming Elephants

19/11/17 to 12/01/18 - A unique collaborative exhibition between Los Angeles based artist and Director/Filmaker Matt Shapira (aka Roaming Elephant) and Canadian contemporary artist Dd Regalo.

NobodyNobody - Alexander Chappell

Show runs until 19/11/17 - Exploring the path of anonymity in a society obsessed with being 'somebody'. Featuring graphite portraits by Alexander Chappell.

UsugrowGarden - Usugrow

Show runs until 19/11/17 - 'Garden', the striking new solo show by Japanese-born artist Usugrow, with a background in underground music, and inspiration from the skateboard and tattoo cultures.

Stick em up.Stick em up

Show runs to 25/11/17 - Well Hung announce a group 'paste up' exhibition with artists; A.CE, Ben Rider, Donk, Hin, Luap, My Dog Sighs, Pablo Delgado and Shuby.


Show runs to 31/12/17 - Street Fans unites an international cast of street artists with a master fan maker.

Outsider Gallery London.OUTSIDER GALLERY

Based in North London hospital settings delivering therapeutic interventions within the gallery specialising with mental health and related issues.

Pure Evil.Pure Evil Department Store

Open until further notice - "Selfridges just selling fridges? C'mon..." Check out Pure Evils' Department Store before it's all gone!


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